Thursday, July 28, 2011

Favorite Places - Vol. 1 "The Loft"

Originally, it was hard to explain the appeal of the loft to me. You eat, sleep, cook, read, work, dress, and entertain all in one room. That sounds awful. But there is something so amazing about lofts. Why is something this industrial and basic so intriguing? I can't get enough of them. 

The concrete floors, the high ceilings, the exposed brick and plumbing. The space is so basic, so raw. It shuns excess and embraces the simple. They are utilitarian and as such respected.

The loft brings up thoughts of what could've been. The lawyer who passed on her passion for writing fiction. The marketing executive who turned away from painting for a more lucrative career. The loft is all in, doesn't hold back. It isn't practical and calculated. It isn't about acquisition but instead community.
The loft is loud and abrasive but comfortable. Its cold and industrial but inviting. Simple and beautiful.

Everyone should live in a loft at some point. I think.

For a really interesting read on loft living, pick up Chuck Close: Life. Hearing how artists in New York lived at that time, about the communities that were built, and the art that was created is amazing.

These featured here are from various places in downtown LA including my new favorite, The Pacific Electric Building

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  1. Nice loft ! So much space !
    I will have mine in 6 months, this is a loft in Montreal !