Thursday, July 5, 2012


I've found that one of the best motivators to keep making art is seeing it up. It is created to be viewed. So why are so many canvases sitting behind beds and stacked together in a bedroom. A lot of the time I struggle to know if I've "finished" a piece or if I want to keep working on it. My new test is I put it up. I see if I like seeing it as I pass by throughout my day - and not on an easel. I see things differently - what I like, what I want to change - and then can move forward. When I feel one is complete I hang it up and it is strange the sense of motivation to do another one... and hang that one up. 

It doesn't have to be in a gallery or an art walk. Hang it up in your house or apartment. Give pieces away to friends that like them to put up in their homes. It doesn't even have to be physically hanging something. Post to Instagram, a blog, wherever. Just get it up and let people see it. 

Here is a new collection of charcoal faces I've started and my wall where I'm putting them up. I want so badly to cover this whole thing. I find myself staring a people (it's awkward...) on the subway or on the street, studying their faces. As I put more up I'll keep posting pictures of how the wall is coming.